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Criminal Background Search

Multi-State: Very popular search. Provides quick turn around time. Searches over 250 million criminal records, including sex offender registries covering all 50 states.

State-Wide Search: This searches for criminal offense records throughout all counties in a particular state. As all counties are supposed to record and provide criminal convictions to the state level, there are instances when this is not done in a timely manner. Therefore, there will be instances when National Criminal Search would be unable to verify all criminal records from all counties within a particular state. In such instances, you may wish to perform a county or multi-county search.

County Criminal Search: Felony and misdemeanor charges are reported to the county in which they were filed. Professional researchers will physically search county criminal records from courthouse records in every U.S. county. Additional county fees may apply.

Federal Criminal Search: Federal offenses, bank robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, etc. are reported to the Federal courts. All states have at least one U.S. District court in each state. Federal offenses are usually not reported at the county/state level, therefore, a federal search is recommended.

Education Verification: Searches and confirms an individualís education, dates and any degrees earned.

Employment Verification: Verifies dates of employment, job position and reason for leaving.

DMV Check: Checks Department of Motor Vehicle driving records to include traffic offenses, suspensions, revocations of license.

SSN: Provides information on a personís name, aliases, current/former address, and zip codes. Excellent search to research past address history, and can date back as far as twenty years.